Howick House Medical

Online bookings are for standard 15 minute consultations only with your usual Doctor. One appointment per family member. If you feel you may need a longer appointment, please ring reception on 535 8797 option 2.

Standard consultations do not include Vaccinations, travel Vaccinations, surgical procedures or Nurse appointments.

For all childhood immunizations and 6 week checks please ring our receptionists on 535 8797 option 2.

Bookings are for enrolled patients only, otherwise please phone to speak with reception.

If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe pain, allergic reaction or bleeding DO NOT book online, call our Medical Centre or if outside our normal hours please go to East Care A&M on Botany Road or ring 111 for an ambulance.

**Please call reception if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms or if you have traveled to Hubei Province, Wuhan City or if you have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with nCov19. DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE.  Our nurses will make careful and special arrangements to take care of you and your family. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.