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Torbay Community Doctor

We are a family centred surgery where you only see your own GP and where everyone knows your name. We offer a full range of general practice services to you and your family. Consultations are by appointment. Our standard consultation time is 15 minutes - this will vary to give you the time you need.

We are open for business as usual.  We have separate areas for respiratory infections.  Please let reception know if you or anyone accompanying has symptoms or has recently been tested.

COVID testing is available. 

Non-contact Video (or phone) Consultations are available.   These can be booked via the portal or via the receptionist. You will need to log into the virtual waiting room at the time of your appointment from your phone, tablet or computer.  This is an appointment only system and will attract usual consultation fees.  We can bring you into the surgery for further examination examination or treatment if necessary. 


1. Routine GP care - Surgery Consultation - book on-line or with receptionist.  Remain in your car and contact reception on arrival

                                 Video Consultation - Virtual Waiting room Click Here  - Use this just prior to your appointment and wait to be seen. 

                                        Phone consultations.  The doctor will contact you at your appointment time. 

2 . If you attend the surgery and you have respiratory symptoms remain in your car and ring reception on arrival for your appointment. 

We are trialling having surgery every Wednesday morning and no surgery on Fridays.  There are now more appointments available on Thursday on these weeks

We welcome all of our patients and will continue to charge our usual fees and provide our usual services.  We currently still charge a fee for children 6-14yrs while 0-6yr children remain free.

From December 1 2018 the Government has announced that some practices will charge Community Card Holders $18.50 for a consultation and that Children under 14yrs will be free.  (This does not change funding for non-Community Card holders). The subsidies that they provide for these services match about 2/3 of the amount we need to cover our expenses.  As such we have not accepted this subsidy as we believe if will short change the care of Community Card Holders, make GP practices less viable, cause costs to be passed onto non-Community Card holders and probably increase hospital admissions.  It is likely that if you attend another practice that any additional services you get over a simple consultation will be charged as extra to try to recover some of these losses at those practices.  Alternative practices may not accept new Community Card Holder enrolments as they add costs to the practice. 

We regret that if you are a Community Card Holder that you might have to accept an apparently cheaper service from another provider as we believe that the doctor/patient relationship is the core of General Practice.


Portal Conditions of use.

We display only some of our appointments on line.  If you cannot see an appropriate appointment for you please ring the surgery for assistance. Please book specialised appointments such as longer/multiple appointments, insurance medicals, minor surgery with the receptionist so that the correct amount of time is allocated. 

We value your Privacy.  Please keep your login and information safe.  We can reset your account if you have any concerns about your login security. We offer this as a service to our patients but reserve the right to control access to the site and information made available. Information is not knowledge.  Please arrange appointments if you are unsure on your information or care.  We cannot hope to teach you all of medicine, interpretation of positive and negative results or care for you adequately by some remote process driven by search engines, friends and family or your own knowledge.   

Comment line:  n  denotes a normal result     abnormal results will be annotated in comment line, actions and outcomes will usually be actioned by staff prior to filing (and availability of result on line).  Many abnormal results are long standing, reflect age or expected changes with an illness and will not require action or will be monitored.  If in doubt please contact our nurse for advice.          

Useful site for blood test results http://www.cpmc.org/learning/labtests.html